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Harry Potter Intellectuals

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All Members , Moderated
This is a Harry Potter discussion list for people who would like to talk primarily about the HP books - film discussion is welcome, but is secondary to the actual novels. HP_Intellectual advocates discussion that avoids shipping wars (feel free to share who you ship for, but please do not make it an issue) and other such topics that often appear in Harry Potter discussions. We like to talk about characters, plot, theories, and the basic story - think of this as a safe-haven from some of the rabidness found in the rest of the fandom.

As it is, we love having new members with fresh voices and new thoughts! Please join if you'd like to participate in our discussions!

What will not be tolerated is newbie-esque behavior such as.. "OMG, I <3 RUPERT GRINT, I'M GONNA MARRY HIM! 4EVA!" or things like that. Please do not start shipping wars - no one wants to read about HARRY/WHOMEVER FOREVER. Also, please watch your "snarkiness" level - try not to snap at other members or starts fights because people have differing opinions. After all, different opinions make for good discussions! And, of course, please.. no flaming.

Please, PLEASE do not join if you "heart" the movies but have not read the books. That is Harry Potter blasphemy. :)

Love from your moderators,
prongsie and paddita

Rules and Guidelines:

Moderator posts: These are posts all members need to read, as they regard the running of the list, news, etc. If you see a subject line with "Moderator post:" in it, please make sure you read it.

Discussion topics: If you're posting a thread for discussion, just post! No limitations, nothing to worry about. Just post your question or topic and away you go!
The only thing to remember about discussions is this: please no flaming. If things start to go downhill or someone complains, then the discussion on that thread will be halted. In the worse case scenario, the post will be deleted.

Art and Fiction: If you really want to cross-post your art or fiction, you can - but remember that this community is not intended for fanfic/art discussions, so don't pop on over and ask everyone for advice on how to best write your story or whatnot. If you're going to cross-post fiction or art, just make sure to post a RATING so that members know what they're looking at.

Also, for all of you out there who haven't introduced yourselves, here's the best way to do it!

When you're introducing yourself to the list, there's a quick survey to fill out, so just copy and paste it into your first post.

Favorite Book of the Series and Why:
What attracted you to this community?:
What do you enjoy most about the Series?:
How did you discover the series?:
Favorite Book Outside of the Series:
Favorite HP Characters and why:
Anything else you want to share:

After filling it out, share with us anything else you would like us to know about you! You are not required to post on this list, but it would be great to hear from you. :) Introducing yourself doesn't require you to be incredibly active. However, before you can comment (even once) on discussion threads, you need to introduce yourself so we know who you are.

ATTN New Members! Please remember to add HP_Intellectual to your friends list so that you'll see the posts on this community!

Enjoy the discussion!

we_support_jo and pro_jo_icons