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Note: This is an off-topic post in that it is not about the Harry Potter books or movies--but it does relate to J.K. Rowling, so we've deemed it appropriate for this community. If you aren't interested, just ignore this post. :)

We're at the very end of the year, in the midst of the holiday season, a time when people generally think about helping or giving to others. This community was created to discuss Rowling's work in an intelligent and thoughtful manner--in that way, we all show our appreciation and respect not only for the book series, but also for Rowling herself. Along with reading her books, there are other ways to become involved in J.K. Rowling's world. :)

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Introductions... Great fun!

Name/Nickname: Charles, but I go by Charley
Favorite Book of the Series and Why: It was for the longest time PoA, but I really have no clue. I'm now starting to move towards either GOF or OoTP, because I love the dark atmosphere of those books. I'd be more probable to lean towards GOF due to the fact that Lord Voldemort is resurected in that one. It's just so... Awestriking. I can't really explain it.
What attracted you to this community?: The intelligence, and I love having discussions with people about theories and whatnot. I've not been able to find too many discussion boards or w/e like this. It's just a nice change of scenery from the fanfic and shipper boards/communities.
What do you enjoy most about the Series?: I enjoy the fact that nothing is always exactly what it seems. And that it is so realistic yet so... Not. You know this could never happen, but it so could.
How did you discover the series?: I think I found SS at a book-fair in elementary school.
Favorite Book Outside of the Series: Geek Love - Katherine Dunn
Favorite HP Characters and why: Lord Voldemort. He's just so powerfully awestriking, and amazingly cunning. I can definitely agree with people when they say that he's one of the most powerful and greatest (by great I don't mean "Wow! Great!" as I assume you know) wizards to be in existance.
Anything else you want to share: I've fallen in love with Ron Weasley. I can associate with him and the whole "side-kick to the really cool person" persona. :)

goblet of fire

I can't believe we don't have a post on this, so ...

What are your thoughts on the movie?

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I know we're primarily a book-based discussion community, but as the LJ info says, film discussion is welcome.

The true shape of a boggart

My wife pointed out, the other day, that perhaps the one person who might know what a Boggart's true shape is, would be Mad-Eye Moody.

In The Order of the Phoenix, when they suspect that the desk in Grimmauld Place is infested with a Boggart, Moody looks up from the floor below, with his magic eye, and says that, yeah, it's a boggart alright.

Presumably, he's seeing it, still hiding in the desk, in its natural state?

Just looked up the actual words (as I prob'ly should've done in the first place):

Moody's electric-blue eye swivelled upwards and stared fixedly through the ceiling of the kitchen.

"Drawing room ..." he growled, as the pupil contracted. "Desk in the corner? Yeah, I see it ... yeah, it's a Boggart ... want me to go up and get rid of it, Molly?"

Order of the Phoenix, p. 154, Aust. hardcover ed.
So, the new soundtrack is up for previewing on AOL ( http://music.aol.com/artist/main.adp?tab=album&albumid=802181 ). What do you think of it? Opinions, likes, dislikes? Preference for Patrick Doyle or John Williams?

wow... GoF

I've been sort of picking up Harry Potter books at random and re-reading my favorite bits, and I've found myself immersed in Goblet of Fire all over again. Reading it I can't believe how well she played me (who's the bad guy... Bagman, Crouch, Moody, Karkaroff) and while I think she kind of blindsides you with it (you could never guess the ACTUAL person involved, just guess as to who's screwing with Harry) I think that it's really well done and she blends it in so subtley... just beautiful.

I'm also amused how much stuff there is regarding Hermione and Ron there is in that book, and little bits and pieces of Ginny and Harry (though not nearly as much as Chamber of Secrets) that are nudged in here and there.

I've concluded that some of my favorite world creators are like that, having a laid out well woven plot line from the word go that they refer back to and make you facepalm yourself when they reveal what they've been hiding. Joss Whedon and Terry Goodkind are my other two favorites at doing this, and while it sometimes makes me feel like a blithering idiot (see Quirrel in Sorcerer's Stone, should've seen that) I also love going back and seeing how they fooled me. It's so much fun!

Drooling fanboyism is over now. Discuss?
Right. I may be being incredibly stupid (in fact, almost certainly I am), but if the dementors have left Azkaban, why doesn't Lucius Malfoy escape? What else is guarding the prisoners?